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MS, Pet Therapist
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First of all, it’s a lot of fun!

Pets are family, and I treat your pet like my pet. Strength and conditioning takes time, and our busy lives make it hard to properly exercise our pets (and ourselves). Pet rehab sessions at Momentum 24/7 Fitness allow the unique opportunity for you to do your own workouts at the same time as your pet works with his or her therapist! A Momentum personal trainer will even get you set up on your own fitness program at no additional charge! All pets need to move, just like us! Post-surgical pets generally lose up to 75% of function. Loss of function of course leads to increased pain and lameness, and lower quality of life for both your beloved pet, and you. Walking maintains strength and motion, but does not build it. Specific training for strength and range of motion (ROM) is needed. In our sessions, we work on manual skills and balance, and work to help your pet move more easily and enjoy higher quality of life.


  • Veterinarian diagnosis. We work with your vet to know exactly what your pet needs.

  • Initial evaluation. We will meet for a functional examination and see how I can help, and make sure we are a good fit (Pets must be human-friendly/other-pet friendly).

  • We will make a plan for training to regain or improve function with rehabilitation exercises, balance/strength/conditioning equipment, manual skills, and functional movements.

  • The long-term goal is always improvement in quality of life through improved health, decreased pain, and restored function.


I have spent many years working to advance quality of life in humans, and now I focus on the same with pets. My background is in Sports Medicine, athletic training, physical therapy, and the prevention of activity/injury related pain patterns. I believe all creatures deserve the opportunity to live high-quality functional lives with less pain and limitations.

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