Bayfield Kids Dance Academy

We are excited to offer dance classes for little boys and girls at Momentum! RSVP your child to 970-884-6077.

7 week program is only $67 (and Momentum member families get a 25% discount!)

HIP HOP (Ages 4-8) Mondays at 3:35
DANCE BASICS (Ages 3-4) Wednesdays at 11:30 OR 3:35
DANCE BASICS (Ages 5-6) Thursdays at 3:35
DANCE BASICS (Ages 7-10) Thursdays at 4:30
HIP HOP (Ages 9-14) Fridays at 4:30

Non-member parents of dance academy students can join the gym with no joining fee, so you can work out while your little ones enjoy their class!

Classes are 50 minutes long. To minimize distraction for children, parents will not be allowed in the studio during class, but may wait in the lobby or work out (if you have a membership).

Costume price for performance will be approx. $20.

Recommended (but not required) class attire:
Dance basics: tights, leotard with tutu (red or black), ballet shoes.
Hip-hop: black gym shorts or sweats, and red tank tops or t-shirts.

Space is limited; RSVP by calling 970-884-6077

Bayfield, 428 Wolverine Dr, 970-884-6077 | Mancos, 200 E Frontage Rd, 970-570-9350 | Pagosa Springs, 40 N 15th St, 970-264-2880 |

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