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Mother of 4. Wife of 1. Not a fitness geek but I can work up a sweat! Exercise and I never really got along in the past so we agreed to disagree. I stayed on my side and wouldn’t be hit with a FIT of sore muscles. For a while that worked. If I would have interest in picking up a workout as always my body and I would have a lot to discuss. If I joined a challenge or something, it never ended well. So, needless to say after several failed attempts to woo I had to just stick it to my body and take control! I was done feeling like I had a body I couldn’t use! So I did it, I took control and here I am! Working out at my place of employment and not only involved, but leading a challenge with amazing women/mommy’s who put themselves to the test and succeed everyday while saying “I am going to take control and take care of ME!”

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